Jud at Jud’s Eurotypes has been in business for over 16 years. We here at Jud’s
have recognized a market for emission technology. The state of Texas has made
rule changes in the recent past. The rule change, to the best of our knowledge, has
effected the ability to use Texas State controlled emission equipment to adjust air
/ fuel mixtures to optimize the performance of the existing emission equipment on
the car. In a nutshell the State of Texas does not allow technicians to use state
controlled equipment to adjust cars to pass state emissions test.

Jud has had an intense amount of experience in this field. His experience evolved
from the early to mid 80s when the three-way catalytic converter, and oxygen
sensor feedback systems were first introduced. His experience was developed at
the federal emission standard testing procedure level in federal governed EPA
automobile testing facilities all over the country, but primarily in Houston. Jud’s
experience involved the so-called Gray Market Cars that were being imported
from Europe into the US by importers, and individuals. Being an emission control
applications engineer he was involved with the development of seven certified
systems, and emission tested around seventeen hundred Gray Market Cars. He is
an expert in this field, with an incredible pass record. Being involved with high
performance European Cars, and getting them to pass Federal Emission Standards,
he has earned the recognition of many, as being one of the best emissions guys in
this country.

Jud now feels the need for non-state governed test equipment to be used for getting
pre- 1996 cars to pass Texas State emissions. He has spent the last two months
installing and calibrating his own test equipment for this purpose. Obviously
prices vary a little from circumstance to circumstance, but basically 19 out of 20
he can whip into shape to test without any additional parts, and the basic fee is
only $90.00. Oh, by the way, he claims 100% pass ratio, or he can’t remember
any car that runs on all the cylinders that he could not pass.

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Emissions technology by Jud’s Eurotypes, in Conroe, Texas