Jud, and his staff, have been known to solve car problems with thorough
understanding of the systems involved. Research into a particular
situation, then applying science, and interpretation of the engineering
aspect of things related to the particular complaint.

Modern cars also incorporate many digital circuits, and software driven
repairs that only dedicated test equipment can reach out to. Jud’s
Eurotypes owns this type of software, or knows where to obtain it.

Maintenance is a key issue for successful motoring. We feel it is important
to get experienced personnel to inspect things on a regular basis. This
means to us here at Jud’s, to see a vehicle every 5,000 miles, for an Oil
Service, and take care of the little things before they become big
expensive issues. This allows us to have some predictability to what may
be needed for an up coming issue, and also helps us be better prepared for
a timely garage visit. As simple this sounds, we feel an Inspection Service
is desirable every 15,000 miles. This may sound like a lot of service
work, but we expect our customers to be as trouble free as possible. This
type of maintenance is what makes this happen.

Mercedes, and BMW, have service plans that in our opinion are a little
substandard. This is simply due to the heat and traffic for the area in witch
we live. The Mercedes FFS plan is somewhat OK if applied in a proper
fashion for highway travelers, but not so good for Houston area commuters.

A little about Volvo maintenance theory: They do things on 10,000 mile
inspections, and spread out the filter changes so it seems less expense. It
all seems to work the same in the long run. All we need to know is where
a vehicle stands on the maintenance to perform proper service when it is

Talking about Mercedes, BMW, Volvo maintenance, is extremely similar
to the Porsche, Audi, Volkswagen family of cars. We feel maintenance, is
maintenance, and is extremely similar in all vehicles.

It is important that proper records are kept. Here at Jud’s we keep a
separate file history, on each car, both hard copy, and soft copy for a quick

Jud’s is in the car parts business. Through many years, we have
established suppliers world wide, to provide us with quality parts at
competitive prices. We know where to obtain the right parts, to perform
quality repairs, and provide our customers these parts at the right price.

Our goal here at Jud’s is to give our customers the best bang for the buck
in the European car service industry.

We generally work Monday through Friday. It is best to call us and
schedule an appointment time that suits you best.

* Contact Jud, or Claudette (936)756-4441