Everyone likes to know a little about the people they
are doing business with or about to do business with.
Jud has been a practicing mechanic since he was a
youngster. He has been involved with the European
car industry since the early 80’s. Jud’s Eurotypes was
established in 1993, after managing a small shop on
the other side of Conroe for eight years. Since 1993
this shop has gone through constant developmental
evolutions, keeping current with the constantly
changing technology of the European car service
industry. We are capable of just about every aspect of
the automotive service and repair industry.

One thing that makes us a little more capable in this
industry is our fabrication capabilities. With our
machinery, we have always been able to make special
tooling, adapters, fixtures brackets, bushings, and so
on to perform special repairs most shops are incapable
of performing.

Our parts, tooling, and hardware resources are
foremost in the industry. We have superior contacts
with worldwide suppliers.

We have always been respected as an extremely
knowledgeable shop in the European car realm